Bert Smeets ‘Still Loving You’


What can I do, what can I say

Should I leave, no one can stay 

I’m still loving you babe I’m still loving you

Should I kneel, before you 

Should I please, when ever you’re cruel 

I’m still loving you, I’m still loving you

Should I call, call again 

A silent voice is a cry, cry for help

I’m still loving you

You cry free like a bird in this world you can be hurt

I’m loving, loving I’m loving, still loving you

You don’t need, you ask for 

You want less but you take more, more  

I’m still loving you…loving loving loving…..

(You say ‘go’, you gotta shout

When you’re in…you wanna get out (out!)

Loving loving loving…..

May ice freeze, fire burn

Nothing seems to be your world 

I’m loving yo, I’m still loving you 

You need pain to be sure 

You act strange were we here before 

I’m loving, I’m loving and I’m loving, I’m still loving you

You got to leave don’t be blind, there’s no who holds you tight 

Like I’m loving you

Beautiful lizard ways, beautiful lazy day hey hey

I’m still loving you

I cry you, you cry me it’s foolish to see I’m loving….

Ah! loving, loving, loving I’m still loving you

words / music Bert Smeets

Cover design: Floor Fay