Did Anyone Ask for Help

You wake up my darling

see the sun in the trees

let’s go for a ride babe

in the country you please

Come over my darling

hear the running of the engine

we can go outside babe

there’s a warm, tender breeze

Did anyone hold your hand, safe

did anyone hold your hand

oh the trouble babe, the trouble ain’t that isolating you

Love ain’t so, love ain’t so

Love love love ain’t so

Come over my darling

there’s no time to sleep

before we get tired

I have to complete

and reach out for loving

many ways to feel

I grow up in darkness

now I wanna see real

Did anyone ask for help

did anyone ask for help 

when you grow up, just let me know it

all voices telling no no no

Love ain’t so, love ain’t so

Love love love love…it ain’t so