No News

Seems like everybody’s moving out to the sun while the sun is here, everywhere!

Yes, I’m an artist (I was a user on Spotify) but what does it mean when the industry is always changing a lot. I just uploaded my bio, music biography and it’s not clear to me what these people (do you know one of them?) are planning? It’s still a mystery to me but anyhow they accept me and that’s quite a difference with the past. Not only my latest releases (like Freedom of Love and The Climate Song) but a complete album ‘Nylon Numbers’. Yeah, folks I work hard on it but it seems music has to be in a box and you have to have a lot of viewing friends. And I don’t.

That’s why I’m wondering what the future will bring in our singer-songwriter / music culture. Is there still ‘a culture’ or is it like war troops they move, go where the provisions are (and the money goes).

and then The Climate Song worldwide there are protesters / activist for climate justice and would you like to share it…would you?

Ah! Thanks…no news? Climate activists have said it is a badge of honour that the head of the world’s most powerful oil cartel believes their campaign may be the “greatest threat” to the fossil fuel industry. The same war is going on in the media who are blaming the protesters of violence while the climate movement is nonviolent anyway. Extinction Rebellion from Utrecht were framed negatively, accused of violence by some journalist and it was just a lie….yes they are afraid of the new generation!