Olga’s Chapel



Sing, before your window will freeze

A shade is watching deep

In Olga’s chapel

Olga, Olga’s chapel


A new day, strange lights on the kremlin

See her face wondering where you’ve been

Near Olga’s skin

Where the river greets you

With a north east wind


You don’t have to chain yourself

Olga never interferes, it’s up to you

She shows you

see the river flow

see life is what makes you grow

the sorrow and the dancing snow

You always can come back to her and leave her alone


She is the missing piece, God

frosty, fighting against the end

the winter is no friend it is a claw of death

grabbing icy what you can’t stand

no I can’t stand the pain either love


Olga’s chapel birds are yearning

cry in the cold wind

down on the frozen stream

picking up shades enlighten

free the padlock on the horizon

promises never use words

do they


Bert Smeets

(geschreven in Rusland December 2012)

Olga's chapel poem 1