Students for isolation

Here’s news from an incredibly popular dude in our new protest city where the air is free, free at last.

What happened? I wasn’t satisfied with the first edits from the Climate song so I start editing all over again. We worked hard for weeks to get the Climate song recorded. So I talked about the Climate Song to some of the students for climate maastricht They were curious to hear the ‘the Climate song’, I wrote with Noémi Shirin and Martín Sáez del Val while Sophie Bt joined singing a little later.

Some of the ‘students for climate Maastricht like Delphine De Potter, asked me as a ‘local’ to join them (by the way, I was the only local who expressed solidarity, partly due to activism from Becky LockwoodElaine Donderer, Eeva Massi. 
So me, the ‘local’, and the students for climate had a meeting above de Brandweerkazerne to talk about collaboration. Then I invited the students to come to listen to the ‘Climate Song’, they were pleased and quite happy with the result when I played the song in the studio. They asked me to join them on a garden party concert but after that I didn’t hear anything anymore. So they told me they would share and promote the Climate Song on their FB site and what happened…they didn’t do it.

So what is going on? First participating as a local and then being banned? It’s not the first time I am being banned because of what, being different? Being not like the rest of the group? Being subversive?

So thank you for the generous solidarity and inviting this ‘local’ but if you really want to remain genuinely credible then change the ‘psychological climate’, attitude towards people who want to contribute something creatively to a better world. With fake-double attitude nobody believes you anymore; I still join the climate movement with a lot of love. So listen to the Climate song, thanks for sharing and stop isolating people. We all wanna change the world!