The fifteen track album ‘Water’, from Dutch most banned singer-songwriter is out in the muddy music battles of our time where more attention is paid to ‘body moves’, and looks and nothing about the climate? War? How to pay the groceries?


I remember when I was a kid (about nine, eight years old) I had the compulsive need to carry a bottle of water with me. I panicked because I couldn’t swallow anymore so I took precautions to have a bottle of water in my bag. The psychological cause became later clear to me.


It’s on my mind

I’m terrified

I can’t go on without water

Who am I, where am I,  I’m losing all borders

oh security

can you give it to me 

no I can’t feel the pain

don’t, don’t go away

is it night or day 

I’m trying to give tongue, all my loving, I cannot speak 

without water 

No more troubles, no more sorrow, I cannot live without her

there’s no guarantee well do it for me

no I can’t swallow I can’t swallow I can’t swallow no 

I’m doing everything that you want me to do

anything you ask for I depend on you

everything wonderful, everything new

all I need is just a, all I need is water…water

come on come on come on

can’t you see what’s going on

all I’m asking for is just a little bit of….water

Ever-Flower, always praying, never touched, Mother

Stop it I’m faling, dreaming, I’m sleeping, my image 

float into water 

Can you make it like me and no one to be 

no I can’t take it anymore

I can’t take it no more, no more  no more 

Every time I’m going down I’m pleasing you all

can’t you hear the oceans growing all night long

they are growing, overflowing, can you bring me some

can you bring me, water…water!

come on come on come on

there’s nothing going on, all my reflections gone, 

deep down into….Water.

words / music Bert Smeets


(watch the documentary ‘De Laatste Bus Naar Waubach’).