Snap / Mea Culpa International Criminal Court

SNAP 3 14 10 020This pope is responsible for rape and other sexual violence around the world, both through his exercise of superior responsibility and through his direct involvement in the cover up of specific crimes. Tens of thousands of victims, most of them children, continue to suffer because he has placed the reputation of the church above the safety of its members. His resignation will make international prosecution easier for national systems of justice that still grant immunity to current heads of state.
In this case, all roads really do lead to Rome. Not only does Pope Benedict XVI bear responsibility in his official capacity for the church-wide policy of systematic and widespread concealment and enabling of the crimes, but he bears individual responsibility in a number of cases in which he ensured that perpetrators would be shielded and protected and left in place to assault more victims.
The International Criminal Court does not recognize any of the traditional immunities to prosecution for crimes against humanity: whether he is in office or not makes no difference, but it may lower the bar of resistance enough for justice to be served. We share SNAP’s goal of preventing even one more child from being raped or sexually assaulted by a priest, first and foremost, and then further violated by a Church that consistently turns its back on victims and knowingly exposes its congregation to risk of rape and sexual violence.
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One thought to “Snap / Mea Culpa International Criminal Court”

  1. gisteren gelezen in een Australisch tijdschrift (Independent):

    “How long can this fool Christ-eating cult survive?
    How long can it bugger boys, force little girls to fellate, evade imprisonment, speak of ‘reconciliation’ with teen suicides, now allegedly frying in Hell, forbid contraception, rob the poor to buy rich jewels, hail a virgin with five children, burn Tyndale, shackle Galileo and assert the world is round and get away with it?
    There will be a black Pope by April Fool’s Day, and a white one emeritus, and up on a charge of concealing pederasty in Bavaria and maybe, just maybe, practising it.”

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