Bio leven(sloop)….Bert Smeets

At a very young age (14) Bert Smeets start writing his own material and that’s what he’s still doing to-day, so he’s a singer-songwriter

Bert played in bands like HOLE AND CORNER; THE CLAN; BERT SMITH AND THE KEY and ANGELS IN BETWEEN. Bert played as a split-act with FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS, FAIRPORT CONVENTION; CAMEL; THE TROGGS, CANDY DULFER’S FUNKY STUFF, FISHER Z, ALQUIN; CCC INC. ARNO. In 1999 BERT met the Russian group EY UCHNJEM. Very soon they became friends. In 2000 Bert did a tour with EY UCHNJEM (*) in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany. In 2001 they record their first album “LUKOMORYE”! The making of their first CD together was filmed by director LOUW HOUTVAST . The film is called “LUKOMORYE” too. In November, December 2001 Bert traveled to Russia for the second tour. He played in towns in Russia where never performed a foreign artist before. Wodkalinka doc.

In 20011 /12 Bert wrote the Bedroom Monkee CD…Born to love with de former Frank Boeijen group..

 Recently he wrote The Climate Song with Noémi Shirin and Martín Saéz del Val. (the clip Climate Song Bert Smeets & Los AmEcos