Free Man Bert Smeets

Hi, here’s quite a story…. we had (still have) to leave our houses because lack of affordable houses in the Netherlands. So what can you do leave the country (maybe that’s a good idea) or write a personal song how to survive and to avoid street life…for being homeless in the end? Here we are, troubled with the unbelievable unsolved problems in our world like the climate, lack of houses for too expensive houses is killing life with neighbourhood cultural demolition. And…..even boycotted for years for different kind of reasons, so I don’t have much confidence before and after Mrs or was it Mr Corona, a gender free ghost, dominates the world. People are not able to solve problems anymore but create even more problems for you and for animals.

What a mad crazy world… song: Free man, words / music Bert Smeets; produced, mixed by Twin records / Triskell media // female vocal in the middle part Elke Peeters, all instruments Bert Smeets, recorded Underground Station, Maastricht