Island of Sand

Pin up rabbitISLAND OF SAND


There where the wind hovers crossing the top

naked trees companions us

There where the land of our fathers lingers on

There where songs must be sung

Where the spirit of God weeps in silent dust

Where all is nothing and not just a word

There where meanings still means so much, mean so much


There where the truth is an unspoken lie

Where your chamber of love is hidden paradise

Where the wind can touch you freely now

Where the angels fall the abandon sky

Where shimmering reflects you a ground

You buy the candles I hire the shadow light

see the light…see the light!


There where the deads are buried earth never dies

Where footsteps foreshadow magic ground

You walk with her miles and miles you don’t know if you’re going forward or back in time


There where surrender is not a defeated heart

Well I’m a man, I told you I am

Slipping on an island of sand

There where living is dreaming all the time

Where dreaming is part of life

Where thrilling love is by the touch of your hand

And I can sleep on an island of sand