Mea Culpa, the road to reconciliation

On April 14, 2014, the unveiling of the artwork of Pierre Habets took place in the Basilica of OLV in Maastricht, Netherlands

Just before this revelation, the committee hotline RKK came with the finding that bishop Jo Gijsen is guilty of sexual abuse. The press paid attention to the ‘mea culpa’ sermon of bishop Wiertz but ignored the victim organization “mea culpa” plea for ‘breaking the silence’, during the same mass on april 14. ‘The road to reconciliation’ was again in the shade because frenetic news coverage.

Two weeks later I went to the Basilica to film the sculpture ‘road to reconciliation’, to my surprise I saw a couple (with kids) being married. Tribute to the Virgin, ode to the indissoluble marriage, looking for a new (old) way to raise kids in a warm environment. I admire their commitment  and ask permission to use footage, don’t know their names but like to thank them.

Music, the song ‘Light’ by Bert Smeets; orchestration Emiel van Egdom