Koninkrijk Gods (part 2)

sekteMay the Lord be with you as you read.
Dear Beloved in Christ.
we write to seek your engagement in our upcoming youth conference on the 20 March 2015 for re-brand the heart,mind,body and soul of Christians who have gone astray and are diverting their whole attention into mundane affairs instead of seeking eternal life.

It is necessary to invite you to come and minister in this coming year conference after browsing through your lovely profile on your website, we are optimistic you will indeed be a center of attraction for the sekten 2audience to look up to as a role model through your inspirational and emotional speech.
Confirm to us if you would be available for these engagement or further questions about event so we can forward to you necessary binding documents. Your Hotel Accommodation, Feeding, and Airfare Ticket will be taken care of by Vineyard Church committee organization.  1,500 Audience , Age 18-55, Singing Authograph is allowed and to build strong relationship with GOD.

For more enquiries. Contact the church Administrative Dept.
Pastor.Harry Williams.
Email / admin@vineyardchurches.net78.net
You are Blessed as you write back.
May God Bless you.
For Vineyard Church UK.