Bert Smeets new album ‘hole and corner’, People Are Just Trying'(to get higher)

People Are Just Trying (to get higher) stond vast op de life-repertoire lijst, en dit lied begint met een stevige vloek. We spelen het al vier decennia, ondanks de boycot woede van Limburgse burgerzin blijft dit lied gevrijwaard van censuur….maar hoe lang nog? Kom op roedel!


With their goddamn orders and their goddamn signs

and their goddamn feelings coming out of the blue sky

when they try to catch you with every footstep on the ground oh my oh my oh my

Who are all those drawers and their million lines

their drawing for you all day dark

now it sticks to your human relations

one by one oh my oh my

People are just trying, trying trying

Trying to get higher- higher…higher

Even if you are a perfect liar 

perfection gets you sometimes

now you you’ve got to show-up, too much to handle

there’s no happy-ending, no happy-ending oh my

oh my people are just trying..

trying to get higher

come on babe tell me what you find is it nothing

nothing but loving just nothing

nothing but loving

come on babe tell me what you find is it loving

nothing but loving just loving, nothing but loving yeah

So come on babe take me in your arms and

rock me sweetly in a heavenly prime 

let me look for the day I’m deadly near by now

to-night-to-night babe I’m just trying …