Bert Smeets new album ‘hole and corner’ nr. 20 ‘I Do Care’ 

lied uit 1969….openingslied tijdens concerten ‘Hole and Corner’, later 12 inch LP opgenomen in studio Baambrugge (Don Willard). Ik schreef lied in kelder / actie-centrum VPJ, anti-Vietnam fabriek hoewel de titel vredelievend en niet, nergens oproept tot geweld, weigeren radio stations vanwege de censurerende format competities…. ‘I Do Care’….Nederlandse bekrompen groepsidioten zonder identiteit.


Hey come on we better be friends

well I do care

won’t you tell me, for you’re wasting

Why! you are here

and I do care

Is it more than sympathy

pop the question sweet

there’s nobody here, here

won’t you telling me

you let me hover between hope and fear

Hey come on we better be friends…

Something happens until

loving words will

when the band plays

and the high trees calls your name babe

I beg you please, please

I do care

hey come we better be friends