Singer-songwriter Bert Smeets


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Bert Smeets


and Ey Uchnjem


CD Lukomorye

Label: Triskell ; 0101; 2001; Playing time: 29.12 min Well, this is something new! The Dutch singer Bert Smeets has a voice that reminds of the Beatles and his songs also have that atmosphere. But he does something extra with his music. He co-operates with the Russian group Ey Uchnjem and this combination makes the songs very pleasant to listen to. It’s funny to hear Smeets sing a pop-song and he is backed by balalaika and full Russian vocals although they sing in English, the sound is very recognisable as Russian The cd is a bit short but I also think this is enough. For eight songs Smeets showed is quality and that is exactly enough to be interesting. Highlight of the cd is Desert moon which sounds like a desperate Russian ballad. Interesting cd which you should have heard at least once.
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Eelco Schilder

Desert Moon words music Bert Smeets // arr. Ey Uchnjem