Fishing for Amber (teaser two)

‘Fishing for Amber’ is a documentary film about the artist Amber de Lange (27), born in Rotterdam. From a very early age she has been confronted with a schizofrenic father, which resulted in childhood fears and depressions. In her teenage years her psychological problems became more and more serious. Now Amber lives in Maastricht where she turns her personal struggles into paintings, in which she deals in her own way with what she calls her ‘Passionate Pain’. During an exhibiotion with that same name, ‘Oh Passionate Pain’, singer-songwriter Bert Smeets proposed to compose music based on her work, after an idea by the Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. In a collaboration between the Russian group Ey Echnjem, Angels in Between and the Dr. Swift Orchestra arose a modern, cinematographic painting exhibition, inspired by Amber’s Art.