Next week we will release the album ‘Water; by Netherlands’ most boycotted singer-songwriter Bert Smeets. 

Finally he made it to the No. 1 position ‘banned records’.

Already in 1985 the LP ‘Pop Against Pope’, was banned in the Dutch media, later followed several singles and in 2012, CD with ‘The Bedroom Monkees’ (members of the Frank Boeijen group: Peter van Benthem, Nels Busch, Henk Wanders, Jos Haagman, Elke Peeters; The Climate Song with Los AmEcos banned by even students for climate???


Production Bones records / publishing Paul Bogers; the pop symphony L’estacada performed by Landgraaf’s male choir St. Joseph, soloist Judith Luesing, Royal fanfare Eendracht Waubach

So there will be anyhow my next 11 songs in the Spotify album’ Water ‘. The album ain’t that political, just personal or about the Climate and about ‘justice’. Yeah about justice.

With the loving cooperation of Barbel Ehlert (violin) Charles Dejong (drums) piano Jesse D., David de Haas guitar.

There will be a new video ‘Love Ain’t Ruling the Law’.