Liefdadigheids kloosters

Terug in 1993 nadat de lichamen van 133 vrouwen en een zuster van Onze Lieve Vrouw van Liefdadigheidsklooster zijn vrij gegeven, werden nog 22 overblijfselen van bijna 60 van de overledenen bij één van de beruchte Magdalena-wasserette in Dublin,  nooit geregistreerd.

De onthullingen deden de publieke opinie schokken na een Garda-sonde (bodem onderzoek) in wie deze vrouwen waren en hoe ze stierven.

De zusters van Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Liefdadigheid hebben in 1993 in hun High Park-klooster in Drumcondra, Dublin, verkocht (weer vette winst voor deze criminele ‘zuster’ organisatie) aan ontwikkelaars.

Een deel van dit land omvatte een kerkhof met de overblijfselen van 133 vrouwen die jarenlang afgesloten waren van de buitenwereld.

(vertaling ontbreekt) The Department of the Environment granted a licence for the removal and cremation of the bodies at nearby Glasnevin cemetery but undertakers who began removing the coffins found an extra 22 remains.

Many of the bodies were buried with their broken bones still in plaster-casts on their ankles, elbows, wrists, and hands when they were taken out of the ground, one of the bodies was headless.

It is said that when they found the bodies the department simply issued an extra licence covering the other remains and did not launch an investigation into who they were.

Failing to register a death is a criminal offence but the sisters and those above them was allowed to get away with no criminal prosecutions, again!

Of the 133 original bodies, just 75 death certificates existed, all 155 bodies were removed and all but one of them was cremated which is odd as the Catholic Church had frowned heavly upon that action.

The women now can never be identified in the event of a investigation into their deaths as all the evidence has been burned.

The then Minister for Justice Michael McDowell, was asked to initiate a criminal investigation into the unregistered and unexplained deaths but a spokeswoman said:

“That’s a matter for the Gardai but there is no investigation into these unexplained deaths at the moment.”

The Department of the Environment was reported as saying that “no trace” forms were issued for 34 of the dead women and it could not search for the identities of 24 others because of “insufficient details”.

In the case of the 34 women, the department added: “It appears that the statutory registration procedures were not complied with at the time of their deaths.” Of the 22 extra bodies, it said it only had details of 14 of them.

Peaceful rest

The Sisters of Our Lady of Charity defended its actions. A spokes person Sister Ann Marie Ryan that the exhumation and re-interring of all 155 women was “approved by all relevant authorities we have had no queries from families about our decision in the intervening time. One family took the remains of a deceased relative to a family plot at the time. The remaining 154 were respectfully cremated and laid to rest at a public ceremony.” Amen sisters!